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A reference made to positioning yourself around an unsavory character or seedy person will certainly lead you down a harmful and descructive path.
If my Daddy knew how much I hung out with ole' Ralph, he'd have certainly said, "Son, if you continue to lay on the floor with dogs, you're gonna get fleas and ticks!"
by PTL May 25, 2006
A clever technique used by delaying the anticipated reaction time of another in order to affect the desired outcome. The key to this ancient method is found in the timing of one's delivery. To truly master this skillset, one must allow enough time to pass that it renders the other party helpless by making their reaction and/or response a mute point.
The guys and I have been planning our Vegas trip for almost eight months. Considering that I know how pissed my wife is going to be, I'm going to "Joecrastinate" her shit by waiting to tell her as I'm heading to the airport and sipping on a 7&7.
by PTL April 11, 2006
A homosexual that enjoys smelling another person's penis after sexual intercourse.
Joe Hodges is the biggest tool-sniffer I've ever known.
by PTL April 07, 2006
Reference made to positioning one's self around an unsavory or seedy character that may eventually lead to harm.
If my Daddy knew that I hung out with Ralph he would have surely told me, "Son, if you continue to lay on the floor with dogs, you're gonna get fleas. It's just a matter of time!"
by PTL May 25, 2006
A person who tries to justify their own lazy or selfish behavior by convincing themselves that what they are saying is really true.
Dat bastard who works over at Madison Miles has a tindalcy of not calling people back unless he needs a favor. He's got to be one of the sorriest muthafucka's on this planet.
by PTL April 17, 2006
Similar to illusion an ALusion is telling a lie so many times that you actually convince yourself that what you're saying it true.
Me and the boys were going to drive my Chevy to Jimmy's Levy for Memorial Day weekend but were under the ALusion that his Dad was going to be staying there instead.
by PTL May 25, 2006
A term commonly used to describe gay Italian men that fantasize about playing baseball for their beloved New York Yankees and/or Mets. In many cases, it's common for their dreams to become sexual in nature.
Lately Donny has been running around the house in his Mets speedo and insisting that everyone refer to him as the Donminator.
by PTL April 11, 2006

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