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A tall, skinny, pale, greasy like male gorilla, who does not shave his pubes. Also goes by the name Hermin or Herman, has a gay xbox tag and
likes to lie about girls he once "loved," also cheats, and fucking fails at hiding it.
Somehow gets girls on his dick, for reasons we humans do not know.
Likes to push people around, and can come off as a funny guy, but really, he's a flaming faggot jerk face of a fucking asshole, and should get hit by a fatty school bus, or perhaps gain 258 lbs, and suffocate himself in bed.

Also, see cheater, asshole, loser, and liar.

R u srs? I dun see Cameron around....

herminissquirmin? wtf?

oh that's such a cameron gamer tag.
by psychopinkfluffbawl February 06, 2011
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