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Love is an emotion usually described as 'indescribable' because you can not find the right word to match your feeling of being completely and utterly captivated by someone.
You think about them every single day without fail.
You can't wait to see them and speak to them.
You can not help looking at them when they are around you: you glance at them and if you happen to catch their eye, you will smile a sincere look of longing to be with them, which they return.
Even if they do not look up at you, it doesn't matter, you smile at them anyway and know that they are the only person you will ever want to share your deepest secrets with, or spend every second with...
When they speak, they look at you even if they are addressing someone else in the room.
The look in their eyes is warm, open, accepting and understanding.
Their body-language tells you that they want to pull you in close and NEVER let you go.
They don't care if you don't want to have sex because you get the most unbelieveable and overwhelming feelings just being with them (in clothes).
They play with your hair and tell you you're beautiful and you mean the world to them.
When you look good, they tell you honestly.
They joke around with you and even if you say stupid things, they don't laugh AT you, they understand that it happens to everybody.
You love them no matter what their IQ is.
You love them regardless of previous relationship problems.
You love them in every way possible.
You think they're amazing.
You talk to them for hours on end and never run out of things to talk about.
When you hear their name or hear them call you by your name or even your nickname, you can't help but smile at them.
You are never jealous when they talk to someone else or go somewhere with someone else because jealousy is a sign of lust, NOT love.
You dream about them: being with them; them saving you in akward situations; marrying them; growing old with them.
You think about them before you go to sleep and when you wake up.
You wonder where they are and what they might be thinking abut.
You can picture the look of happiness on their face.
Their smile is contagious.
You don't care where you go with them as long as you ARE with them.
You miss them when you're not with them.
You ancipate evey kiss and every cuddle and every moment you spend with them.
They don't care if anyone is watching when they kiss you, whether it's their friends, your friends, family, strangers or the dog.
They mean every kiss.
Each kiss is sincere and makes you feel like you could put your head on their shoulder and stay there forever.
You trust them with your life.
You think how wonderful they are and you tell them.
You tell them that you love them more than the number of stars in the sky, more than the grains of sand on the earth, more than life itself.
You will do anything to keep them smiling, laughing and loving every moment of life.

You tell them you love them because they make you feel so overtly happy; that you can't help but feel as though there is no evil in the world, no suffering, no pain, no loneliness, no darkness...

And when they tell you that they love you for all the same reasons, it suddenly makes tomorrow look that little bit brighter, the good in the world that little bit righter, the sun feel that little bit softer...and you get the overall feeling of comfort and hope that everyone will get to experience the wonderful emotions you feel.
And your heart feels complete.
1)They send you messages with signs to tell you they are interested eg. :P or ;P or ;) and they say things jokingly but may be a hint eg. "your a sweetheart....but your a terrible liar" or "look love, your too cheeky for your own good" or "doing anything tonight? i was just curious.." or "so you think HE'S cute?!" or "have a good weekend" or "have a great holiday"

2)Trying not to make the body-language obvious eg. sitting facing you or going to sit in the chair closest to you, trying to act all calm and cool, but everyone notices it, sometimes even before you.

3)When they walk past you, they try and catch your eye, and they smile at you, EVEN if someone else is talking to them or they are walking with loads of other people. It's their way of saying that no matter what, they're thinking of you.

4)They act really gentle and caring towards you eg. offering to help you or holding the door open for you or favouring you when he has to choose who to side with...as small as this is, the small things in a relationship can take you far.

5)While talking to you, they mention personal stuff eg. their parents' divorce, previous relationships that went wrong, their favourite things, where they go on weekends, what their goals and dreams are for the future, telling you that you can always go to them to talk or get a second opinon or advice...this shows that they feel comfotable talking to you.

6)They want to hold your hand, even if it's just 'mucking around'. They playfully nudge you in the arm or cuddle you. or even better: they are one step ahead of you and ASK if your cold, then regardles of your answer, they move closer. Physical contact, like that, is a way of showing affection.
by psychologist in training April 17, 2006

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