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3 definitions by psparadox

When a man/woman sucks on a womans clit
Person A: What did you do?

Person B: Gave her a suckjob
by psparadox February 07, 2010
The female private part but a very sweet one.
Person A: The last girl i poked made alot of jizz for this milk sack.

Person B: Damn what a hot bucket.

Person A: Yea i saw the light, almost kicked the bucket.

Day 2

Person A: I could be wrong. Judging by her looks "she got a hot bucket"

Person B: And my bank can't take anymore zeros
by Psparadox February 01, 2010
An independent woman, a girl,lass,bitch or lady who luvs to take charge.
Person A: Meet this chick last night. Man - did'nt even say shit, she was already on it, she rides it like a professional equestrian.

Person B: Shes a fuckin insider
by Psparadox January 31, 2010