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4 definitions by pseudonymouslyariffic

When you wake up still drunk from the night before.
I must've been really drunk last night because I woke up Irish this morning.

Mary was tired of her husband waking up Irish so she shot him.

Don't get too drunk tonight, no one wants to wake up Irish.
by pseudonymouslyariffic March 17, 2011
Hidden taxes and loopholes in the tax code that give some taxes the ability to hit you with a ninja like quickness.
person 1 "Damn, gas prices went up 75 cents today."

person 2 "yeah we got sneak attaxed cause the Asst. VP to the CEO of nozzles at BP, who also happens to be Chairman of Republicans who love Jesus won big at the Track yesterday."

person 3 "I was sittin next to him at the track yesterday, he was with 3 trannies and was real excited about going back to the barn and showing them his horse."

person 4 "why did that make gas prices go up?"

person 5 "cause he didn't want to pay the taxes on his winnings so they wrote a loophole in for him on the spot, snuck it into the tax code as a provision in a weapons bill that passed unanimously so the government could get their money, plus interest and give BP a bonus as well"

person 6 "on the plus side 3 trannies and a horse fucked a Republican last night."

person 7 "stupid sneak attaxes'...."
by pseudonymouslyariffic October 16, 2011
Pretend listening.
I had a long day of pretendisting in class today.

It usually takes about five minutes on the phone with my girlfriend before I start pretendisting whilst playing backgammon.
by pseudonymouslyariffic February 25, 2011
1.The highest level of drunk a person can achieve.

2.When you have consumed enough alcohol to be associated with a stereotypical Irish person.
1. I'm gonna get Irish drunk tonight!

2. Look at Pete over there, he's so Irish drunk he thinks that redhead is attractive.
by pseudonymouslyariffic March 17, 2011