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v. To complain about not having enough time in one's life, then spend copious time on one or more social networking websites. (The complaining may occur on or outside of such sites.)
"Emily constantly whines about being disorganized, but she never seems to do anything about it - instead, she's on facebook all the time!"

"Yeah, I'm sick of her facebitching."
by pseudonom January 01, 2009
n. A female who spends an inordinate amount of time on social networking websites; especially one who then complains about not having enough time in real life.
"Jane constantly whines about being disorganized. She's always late, she never finishes her school assignments, and her house is a mess! Why are some people like that?"

"I'll tell you why Jane is like that - she spends so much of her free time on facebook that she's got calluses on her ass! She's a real facebitch."
by pseudonom January 01, 2009
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