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1 definition by prosetic leg basher

Girls that hang around in big group, mainly in very loyalist or republican areas of Belfast and in run-down housing estates. Classic Millie icons include tracksuits, (either in brightly coloured vile velour or a rip-off of adidas or other brand name) huge hoop earrings, 4 piercings in each ear, hair tied back very tightly into either a bun with too many 'scrunchies' to count or in a really high ponytail with 6 bobbles, making it stick up at an angle....Millies add 'like' to the end of every other statement....
Millie:'u slabberin 'bout my mate?'
'if yer slabberin 'bout my mate i'll get me boyfriend's cousin's mate ta knack yer black aff like'
(won't let other girl get a word in edgeways)

Millie:'ya have a feg? im dyin fer a feg like!'
by prosetic leg basher October 29, 2005