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3 definitions by profreshional productions

noun: DATTS is an acronym for dope ass titties to suck. A glorious pair of breasts that a man cannot help but lust over.
Damn that girl has some DATTS! Look at them glorious things.
by profreshional productions December 06, 2010
noun: An erection (boner) caused by dance floor arousal. The female proceeds to grind her booty on the genital area of of the man which causes stimulating friction, thus inducing a boner. Doners are an awkward situation for both parties involved and can be reduced by wearing compression shorts or staying off the dance floor. In layman's terms, a doner is a dance boner.
Dude, i totally got a doner while i was dancing with that dime piece. She noticed it too because she punched me when she felt it.
by profreshional productions December 06, 2010
verb: The act of grabbing a woman's breasts with both hands and proceeding to wiggle them back and forth. This motion causes the breasts to to bounce around like a jellybean.
Jared: Yo Darius, did you hook up with that girl last night?

Darius: Hell yeah dog! I threw down the jellybean on them titties all night.
by profreshional productions December 06, 2010