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The act of using the Internet feature on your PSP to go to dirty sites watch porn such as 89.com. Sometimes, the user may click the "save" link on the pictures and store them to their PSP's memory stick so they may be away from an access point whilst giving themselves pleasure. People watching psp porn could be found at the internet cafe, panera bread (or any resturant that has free wifi access), hotel rooms, or even the public library. A dead give away is when they have a sketchy look on their face and are huddled in the corner in attempts to hide.
The other day, Elliot was trying to watch PSP porn at the library down town. It was a shame he was caught in the kid's books section.
by prof. frink July 13, 2006
A free Java MMORPG which is more addicting than pornography, has more propoganda than the streets of Arab countries, more suicides than the frat houses at Umass when the Red Sox lose the World Series, swarming ass hole 12 year olds than Xbox Live, unemployed 50 year old men who live in their parents basement hoping to get attention by molesting the swarming ass hole 12 year olds and playing Playboy: The Mansion all day.
The developers of RuneScape is a company, JaGeX. They have sub-par chat filters in their game and could care less about the world's youth wasting their lives watching their virtual avatar mining a rock for coal. In fact, this is what they want. By hoping to increase these odds, they have a "premium" version of the game.
I have already wasted four years of my life playing RuneScape. I want them back. I should have played with my dog while I had the chance.
by prof. frink July 09, 2006
The ultimate career killer to any celebrity co-staring in his mediocre movie(s). If you're a movie star, and want to end your fame, star in his next flick.

Scneider could be the least funny guy I know.
Rob Schneider could be the least funny guy I know.
by prof. frink July 10, 2006
A very well done show that has been on the air longer than any other show. Many people bitch about how "funny" Family Guy is while it is just a clone of the Simpsons. If it weren't The Simpsons, Matt Groening would probably slinging hash at his local diner. The Simpsons are not his only work of genius. He also has a book series called "Life in Hell." In attempts to help The Simpsons, South Park makes an episode called "The Simspons Already did it." Which was to show the Family Guy creators that their idea of creating a fat moronic dad had already been taken.
Even though The Simpsons has been on the air for more than 10 years, it manages to stay fresh and make people laugh.
Has such parodies in the show such as "Bye-Bye Nerdie" (Bye-bye, bordie) "SpringField, Springfield" (New York, New York) "Itchy and Scratchy" (Tom and Jerry) A halloween episode in which Homer is a giant ape on an island (King Kong), the "Monorail Song" (the Music Man) and many others, there is basically one in each episode really
Person #1: Ralph Wiggum is the best Simspons character.
Person #2: Yeah, gotta love 'em. I love the Simpsons. Espescially when Homer strangles Bart.
by Prof. Frink April 11, 2006
Similar to shit happens, it is when something usually happens that is against one's will, they tend to blame the man. Could be anything from not winning the lottery, getting fired from work, or your girl/boyfriend breaking up with you since the man seems to always be the one causing everything.
Matt: Aww it's going to rain on the day I'm supposed to go to the water park. This sucks! Why did you only plan it for one day?

Steve: Blame the man. Not me.
by prof. frink July 14, 2006
1. To lose ones mind at the worst possible time.
2. To be ignorant enough to make a move that gets a spot in the Urban dictionary definition data base.
3. To head-butt a victim in the chest, knocking the wind out of them. For best results, aim for the ribs/heart so they may fall over in pain.
4. To go beserk on the man.
5. To over react on something trivial.
1. Upon losing the election, Howard Dean went Zidane on the winner, cursing him and insulting his mother.
2. He head butted an Italian player, thus making multiple people make entries on Urban Dictionary.
3. Losing his temper, Rich pulled a Zidane into Kevin's chest, breaking two of his ribs and knocking him out cold.
4. Upon losing all of his money and job, Jane went Zidane on the man.
5. I called Brendan a dumb ass after he answered a question wrong about the discoveries of Neils Bohr and he started to Zidane.
by prof. frink July 10, 2006

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