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Most rappers actually tell their stories and give an accurate description of the struggle they went through growing up in shitty circumstances. Many exaggerated, but you can let that slide because of the truth beneath it. DMX didn't kill 3 people in a liquor store robbery, but he was notorious in his neighborhood since he was a child for robbing people in broad daylight with no gun and no mask. 50 cent likely doesn't go around killing people who talk badly about him, but he was involved in a drug gang and got shot up because of it. Biggie may not have ran the drug trade in NY, but he did supply his block (and maybe even took a larger share when he got rich). Snoop hung around and dealt with legitimate pimps, maybe even had a share in that "industry".

Rick Ross was a fucking prison guard, stole the name and look of a dealer he never knew (bald with beard), got tattood and now he sells and glorifies the "I'm such a hard gangster" look.

It's like two vets preaching about war, when one was never actually deployed.
Rick Ross the rapper is a fake, corporate, fat bastard. The real Rick Ross (look him up) is way more interesting.
by prison_snitch June 05, 2012

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