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A style of fashion worn by modelxcore girls
The look consists of designer clothes, mixed in with grunge, or punk styles.
It's like those candid pictures you see of celebrities in US Weekly walking down the street dressed weird (hence the name dirty celebrity)
A Dolce&Gabanna sweater with a multi colored scarf around the neck, tucked UNDER the sweater, with old torn and ripped jeans, huge furry eskimo boots, and huge sunglasses.
A band shirt from hot topic, black gaucho pants, black and white chucks, and pearls
Layered multi colored shirts, tweed shorts, and combat boots
by prioska ninotchka January 02, 2006
A certain type of girls who are high fashion or haute couture models, and go against the normal 'model' stereotype.
Typical modelcore girl:
Unlike anything you've ever seen
Ethnic background usually from eastern europe or asia
usually Bisexual or lesbian
Doesn't fit normal labels
Very eccentric
Mixes different types of fashions together
They usually go by odd ethnic Aliases
Listens to more alternative, hardcore music
Are badasses ^-^
shorter than normal models (5'7 and under)
they say "fuck"... A LOT
they drink and party... A LOT
(I had a hard time defining this because you really can't define a girl that's modelcore.. you just have to see it for yourself)
Mixes designer clothes with goth/punk clothes
Takes a little bit of each group and mixes it to her own taste
Imagine a hardcore girl or a scene girl thats a high fashion model...mix that together and you get modelcore

by prioska ninotchka December 30, 2005
Slang used by modelxcore and scene girls meaning:
super, uber, over excessive, so very, etc

"that's supra hot"
"your hair is supra fucking cute today"
"Her hair has supra colors in it"
by prioska ninotchka January 02, 2006
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