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Zvjezdan is the name of victory, triumph, glory, it was once said you must hide your girlfriend away from a Zvjezdan because he is known for intimate affairs with other peoples girls, he is dangerous if provoked and even made a grown man cry from pissing him off too much, some may spoil his name because they are afraid and intimidated by such power but they are usually executed on site

in some countries the name Zvjezdan is referred to by Star, or the Day of the Star meaning unique and glorious,in some mayan cultures a Zvjezdan was worshipped as a God or talque, ,some scandanavian and norwegian countries clam that a zvjezdan was the brother of thor which was the true heir of the friga empire.some cultures claim that they are forbidden to say the name of Zvjezdan because he has the power to release the horses of the apacalypse.

zvjezdans are usually good hearted people that always have a good time and always stands on his own feet, brilliant and extravagant as they are you must show complete respect and utter obedience because they are a rare breed decendants of julius ceaser, Hercules, and mighty zeus himself
eyewitness- i saw a Zvjezdan at a bar once, he was 7 feet tall and shot lightening from his ass
national geographic- Zvjezdan is a mythical legend only found in children tales, are you sure it was a zvjezdan?
eyewitness- yes, he had a beer in one hand and a breast in the other, i couldnt look directly at him because he was just soo marvelous!
national geographic- then you must of seen the legend of Zvjezdan, we will conduct more testimonies of eyewitnesses and see if a zvjezdan is a myth or fact
by princess lilly February 26, 2012
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