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1. Prepare to watch helplessly as all your hopes and dreams crash and burn.

2. Any one who tells you high school wasn't "that bad" or is "better than the real world", is a lying douche bag. But do not hold this against them, because they are obviously high school graduates. And after your four years of hell are up, you will automatically be transformed into, a lying douche bag just like the rest of the adult population.
Jean: Wow Liz seems to be taking her 50th birthday really hard.

Dorris: Yeah I know, she must feel like she did back in high school, like all of her hopes and dreams have crashed and burned right before her very eyes and it's too late to save them.

Jean: Oh Dorris, don't be so grim! High school was great!

Dorris *Thinks to self* Thank god i dropped out of that dump before it was too late.
by prettttybob December 10, 2009

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