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(v. trans.) to make butch; to conform a man to stereotypical standards of heterosexual manliness.
Pete: "Mom and Dad, I'm gay."

Dad: "That's okay, son. We'll send you to conversion therapy. They'll butchen you up for sure!"
by poorbrokegradstudent September 21, 2010
Before 15 February 1971, the British pound was divided this way:

12d (pence) = 1s (shilling)
20s = one pound.

"penny" is the singular of "pence", as today. There were 240 pennies in a pound.

Why 'd'? One penny (1d) was formally called a 'denarius' after the Roman coin. This term was never used in popular language.

Sums below one pound (and sometimes over) were written s/d, such as 12/6 (said: twelve and six) or 5/- (said: five shillings).

There were a whole slew of interesting coins, including:

1/4d = farthing (from Anglo-Saxon, 'a fourth')
1/2d = ha'penny (half a penny)
3d = thruppence (a fourth of a shilling)
6d = sixpence (half a shilling)
2s = florin ("two bob bit"). A tenth of a pound.
2/6 = half crown ("two and six"). An eighth of a pound.

At the time of conversion, one shilling equaled 5p and one florin (two shillings) equaled 10p. A shilling in 1970 had approximately the value of 84p or $1.25 today.

The old pounds, shillings, pence system was a remnant of the early Middle Ages and Charlemagne! Continental Europe was all decimal coinage by the end of the 19th century. Tradition-bound Britain soldiered on until the beginning of the 70s.
Shopkeeper, 1965: The Help! album costs thirty-two and six.

American in London, 1955: the British pound is so confusing! Better just put the coins on my palm and have the shopkeeper take the right amount. Hope I don't get swindled.
by poorbrokegradstudent August 21, 2010
To take control of a term that has a pejorative context. queer, dyke, and queen are examples of words that have been reclaimed by the LGBT community. Taking control of a slur removes the ability of bigots to use that term in a hurtful manner. Reclaiming empowers marginalized communities.

NOTE: Do not use reclaimed words that are not part of your sexual, racial, or ethnic self-identification. For example: do not use the n word or variant words to describe yourself if you're not part of the African American community. Or, don't use words like fag or faggot if you are not a gay man. Reclamation is only for those people who have historically suffered because of the word in question. Outsiders, even sympathetic outsiders, should not use reclaimed words casually.

Even if you are part of a community that uses reclaimed terms, be selective in how you use them. Don't use reclaimed terms to start a fight where you and or others might be physically or verbally attacked. Use discretion.
When I encounter Christian fundamentalists who try to put me down for being gay, I say that 'I am a faggot'. I want to reclaim the word from haters to they can't use it to hurt others.
by poorbrokegradstudent July 25, 2010
A marriage of a man and a woman where one spouse is heterosexual and one spouse is homosexual.

Often the homosexual marries the heterosexual in an attempt to "cure" their sexual attraction to the same sex. Religion, family expectations, and a desire to have children often influence a homosexual person's decision to wed a person of the opposite sex.

I use the term "homosexual" and not LGB because many same-sex attracted people that marry a person of the opposite sex do not self-identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Many also prefer to stay in the closet.

Many, but not all, of these marriages end in severe marital conflict, separation, or divorce.
Sandy suspected that Steve was gay for a long time, but couldn't tell for sure until she found his Manhunt account on the family computer. Now she's certainly in a mixed orientation marriage. Sandy's hired a lawyer without Steve's knowledge.
by poorbrokegradstudent July 22, 2010
Amateur radio (ham radio) morse code abbreviation for wife.

Hams call any (assumed) single female ham radio operator a YL or "young lady". A ham radio operator's wife is often called an XYL or "ex-young lady" even if she is a ham. Male operators are always called OM or "old man". There is an obvious double standard for women.

It's impossible to tell whether a person sending morse code is a man or a woman. Still, it was the custom for a long time to greet any operator on morse code as OM. Thankfully that custom is dying out. Now no gender assumption is made.

Some women ham radio operators find XYL offensive. These operators prefer that hams refer to all women as YLs. The term XYL is still used frequently on the air however. Perhaps this is because the vast majority of ham radio operators are men and apathetic about the feelings of women operators.

I agree with women operators that advocate for the universal use of YL especially since it is no longer customary to greet every ham on morse with OM. The universal use of YL also removes a double standard.
I am a ham radio operator that calls all women YLs on the air. I think XYL is anachronistic.
by poorbrokegradstudent September 02, 2010
Brutal Spanish dictator (1947-1975) that ran a fascist nightmare police state. Also known as Generalissimo or El Caduillo (The Leader). Admirer of Hitler and Mussolini.

Also: Darling of the hyper-right Catholic Traditionalist or Integrist set. Franco was a great patron of the Roman Catholic Church. Some extreme fundamentalist Catholics candy coat Franco's regime as a Catholic monarchical paradise on earth, when in fact it was just another example of a soul and life crushing totalitarian state.
Catholic fundie: Generalissimo Francisco Franco's reign was a great example of a Catholic Monarchy! Democracy is selfish since most people vote for their depraved self-interests. A benevolent Catholic king will create a moral state!

Sane agnostic: (sarcasm) Yeah! A murderous secret police, extreme censorship, death camps, arbitrary imprisonment and execution, and a megalomaniacal despot! Yep, sure beats free speech, freedom of religious assembly, and due process any day!
by poorbrokegradstudent August 15, 2010
Theoretically, no gay Republican politicians exist because the GOP is a pro-"family values", christianist party which despises LGBT people.

In reality, about 45.3412% of male Republican politicians (and climbing) rilly want some of that viking love but act like homophobic dicks in public in a desperate attempt to hide their secret attractions. 'Til they get caught in a "compromising position", that is.
"_I am not gay!_" -- protest of self-identified not-gay gay Republican IN state senator Phil Hinkle, who attempted to have a business sexual relationship with a young man Hinkle contacted on craigslist. Hinkle was subsequently outed to his wife by the other man after Hinkle gave the man his smartphone in a state of panic. (2011)

See also: Larry Craig, Tom Foley, Troy King, Roy Ashburn, etc. urban dictionary could have a spin-off site with just gay Republican follies.
by poorbrokegradstudent July 29, 2012

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