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19 definitions by poopsy

The center of all evil.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003
Not only is he the best Sabbath vocalist, he's the best metal vocalist. See BETTER THAN OZZY.
I love RJD.
by Poopsy March 09, 2004
Immortal words of a great poet named Arnold Von Schwarzenegger.
"It's not a Toomah!!!!" replied Arny.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003
Artificial cheese. One chemical away from being seran wrap.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003
When at a house party, Hiding the Duke is when you take a crap in the home owner's drawer, closet, or somewhere they won't look. Eventually the whole house will smell, but they'll be clueless as to what is causing the stench!
Duuuude! I left a huge duke in Leroy's drawer at the party last night!
by Poopsy July 05, 2003
I agree with brad. Awesome, awesome band.
Cky was a band before it was a hillarious movie.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003
This is what they tell you when you are too stupid to fill in the Look Up box.
Enter a word in the Look up box, dumbass.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003