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Someone who must make sure to quell or stop activities that would be viewed as fun by others (usually due to general laziness, jealousy, fear or lameness).

( a name usually assigned to wives )

can be shortened by calling the guilty person an "F.G.".
Holy crap, Madonna is such a fun governor! She flipped out when we wanted to wear her maxi pads as hats!
by poode dude August 01, 2010
the act of sprinting to the nearest bathroom, pulling down your pants (just in the nick of time), and spraying liquid shit all over the wall because there literally was no more holding it back. (usually occurs after eating greasy, dirty mexican food)
Ahh, man! I couldn't use the bathroom because it had a mexican painter in it!
by poode dude November 05, 2010
Someone who has the insatiable urge to splash, dunk, squirt, and generally annoy everyone else in a pool.
Great, Jimmy Fallon is in the pool. Not only is he just plain annoying, but he is also a pool jerk.
by poode dude August 01, 2010
The crusty stuff in the corner of your eye after sleeping.
Sometimes also referred to as an eye booger.
That guy must have just gotten out of bed, because he still has a gunka in his eye.
by poode dude August 01, 2010

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