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3 definitions by poo skin

an exclamation of a laugh, throwin it down and laughing about it
Fat Nick: your mother is so fat when she jumped for joy, she got stuck
Dill-Bar: AHHA
Stainer: he jst threw it down, Don Vito style
by poo skin December 04, 2006
there is no definition of this word. bizzot is what ever u want it to be.
Fat Nick: dude u smell bizzot
Bird-Man: i was banging Stainers bitch last night and she sprung on my face
Stainer: i know man, it fuckin bizzot
by poo skin December 16, 2006
a nick-name u get when ur crunked and fuck up trying to say strawberry
josh is the snarberry snuggler
by poo skin December 04, 2006