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Flag-waving, "AMURICA!"-yelling, gun-toting ultra-Christian cowboy from Texas running for President. Would be ridiculed and dismissed if not for Fox News. As a Christian myself I am ashamed of Perry's hypocrisy when it comes to declaring national days of prayer and yet mandating the death penalty. Also Bush's replacement as governor of Texas. So basically nothing really changed at all.

Your perfect example of a southern Republican- eliminate taxes and funding to schools and then take credit for your state's economy.

Rick Perry declares 3 straight days of prayer to get rain. But hey, only in Texas...

Essentially, George Bush on sterorids. Expect a third war and more of the "We're fucking Amurica, the greatest country on earth bitches!"-like attitude under the Perry administration.

If you have half a brain vote for Ron Paul instead- the only Republican candidate who is NOT a thieving, lying piece of scum and the only man who deserves to be President.
Rick Perry: "Now y'all listen you damn U.N., things are a-changing here in Amurica! We gonna be a superpowa, git ready for some ass kicking! Yee-haw!"

Britain: "Fuck. Not again..."

Russia: "Haha! Soviet Russia come back again, America go down shitter!"

Middle East: "Oh shit." *Nukes itself*

Perry: "Iran git your asses ready, Amurica's comin' to save the day! AMURICA! FUCK YEAH!"
by politco18 August 19, 2011
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