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When one pulls the school fire alarm and uses the excuse "I didn't think it would work" when questioned about the incident.
Derek pulled the red lever of the wall, a teacher aproches and asks "Why would you do such a thing" Derek replies "I didn't think it would work". This is known as pulling a Derek
by pokemon master 69 December 26, 2008
When one says rude, racist, or harmful things about a person or group of persons while the persons being insulted are in close prxsimity to the one who is say the hurtful phrase does not release that they are present.
"Aww man that Laura chic is so ungly" said Stephen
"Dude shes right behind you!" replied the asian student
"Awww shit I just pulled a major Stephen" Stephen stated
"I know man your always pulling a Stephen" the secret asian concluded
by pokemon master 69 December 26, 2008

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