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Someone used and played with like a child's doll; thrown around carelessly after done playing with. Usually to define a whore or slut.
He doesn't really love her, she's his paper doll.
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
Dresses to flaunt his/her body and acts provacative and indecent like a slut, but unlike a slut: can't get any.
What a slu, she tries so hard and still can't get any.
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
Horny: to be sexually aroused to the point that you're desperate. Wanting to get some real bad. "Horn" is used as prefix to words, such as dog.
That guy is such a horn-dog.. he is desperate for a girl.
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
A person who thinks of their gender being superior to the other.
Us men are better because we are men. You women belong in the kitchen!
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
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