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Noun: The holy book of the KKK
"Kliggy brothers, let us read from the kloran tonight"
by Pmay0 March 13, 2005
Noun: A very old Bosnian man. This man was alive during the age of dinosores. When the big bang happened, his eyes were almost sealed shut. (See "Big Bang" for deffenition.)This squinty eyed legend then continued to stay alive. He witnessed every historic event and was a klagaroo at the first KKK meeting in Tenesee, the most racist of the Northern states. Many years later he then joined a gang and got the name "E Money." He now remains alive with bullet wounds in Norwalk CT. On Friday nights he can be seen snuggling with brown men in his basement.Sometimes even holding hands at the SONO movie theater
The Spawn of Skeeb is the most feared gangster and legen in all of New England
by Pmay0 March 10, 2005
Noun: Annual KKK fee. Usually paid at the end of the month. Failure to meet payment demands lead to expellsion from the KKK brotherhood.
"Cleedis, i don gon forgat to pay my hear klecktoken"
by Pmay0 March 14, 2005
Greeting verb: A greeting between to klansmen (members of the KKK)
"Kliggy brother! Lets burn some naggers!"
by Pmay0 March 13, 2005
Noun:A childish playtoy that mysterously floats about the SpawnofSkeeb's house in the middle of the night. Known to be found in the devil's corner and to leave behind doll shoes on the pillows of its next victim.
"The doll tried killing me last night ese"
by Pmay0 March 13, 2005
Noun: One of the most deadliest places in the world. Three men, seven women, and two in-betweens were brutally spooned. The corner is were the mysterious doll of evil rests and floats at night in the love nest of the SpawnofSkeeb's basement.
Dont go near the Devil's Corner, you'll get killed
by Pmay0 March 11, 2005
Noun:The SpawnofSkeeb's turf. Tron...stay away!
"Yo, be better not go to SONO cause thats where 'E Money' is at ese"
by Pmay0 March 13, 2005
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