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1 definition by please touch

A man thrusts his erected dick into a woman's pussy. They both cum and feel pleasure, as long as they can feel enough of it. A man can also enjoy when a woman sucks his dick and a woman enjoys a man licking her pussy.
I yanked up my push up bra and fixed my stripper heels. I came in the room. I could sense his lustful eyes undressing me. I bent over to lock the door, feeling my dress ride up and thong showing. I leaned over the desk, letting my 36D breasts show. As I leaned over the desk, I passionately kissed him and pushed him back into the chair.

I turned around and undid the buttons on my dress. I pulled it back like a jacket and turned around. I peeled my dress and threw it down. I leaned down. My breasts hung out and I knew my pussy could be seen through the top of the thong. I crawled under his desk and got to the chair. I pulled it close and pulled off his pants. I gave him a long blowjob. I sucked and deep throated.
The warm cum filled my mouth, and I swallowed all of it. I took his dick out of my mouth and rubbed it until it was hard. I came back out from the front of the desk and knew he pushed everything onto the floor. I climbed up onto the desk and split my legs open. I got my feet to face opposite directions.

He used his teeth to rip off my bra and my thong. He sucked my nipples soft. I almost clawed at his desk wanting him inside of me. FInally, he leaned back and took in all my body.
He shoved his erect dick into me. He thrust and I moaned. I hit a huge orgasm and soon he hit my g-spot. Minutes later, he softened, and got out. I got down off the desk. He never failed at sex.
"Wonderful work as always, Nikki," he said calmly.
"Tell the wife I said hi," I noted slyly.
by please touch June 02, 2011