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fucking up the pronunciation of procrastibating
Jim: Dude stop croprastibating!
Billy: You mean procrastinating?
Jim" Yeah somthin like that.
by platatomi August 13, 2011
When you are openly critical of someone's actions and are just being a dick.
James: Bob, you drive like a stoned flamingo.

Bob: at least you know if you can't say anything nice, say something shitty.
by platatomi August 03, 2011
When a person turns 40 and realizes their old as hell.
Dude your dad is just about fucked fourty by now right?
by platatomi July 23, 2011
several people procrastibating simultaneously.
What are guys you doing later?

We're coprastibating.
by platatomi August 13, 2011
When a whole chicken is smashed flat and dried to make a coaster for drinks.
Dude these coaster chickens smell like shit.
by platatomi July 23, 2011
A cigar thats so fat and burnt down thats it wider than it is long.
Yesterday I burned my face on a good chode smoke.
by platatomi July 23, 2011
A retard that drinks way to much soda.
Why are there so much empty cans in your house? My brothers a sotard.
by platatomi July 23, 2011
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