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A T-Shirt company that advertises on Urban Dictionary quite often. They use unoriginal jokes, like Jason (the chainsaw killer) looking at a calender that says "Friday the 12th."

Oh, how funny.

Anyway, they try to promote their business by featuring all their shirts dressed on girls with large breasts.
I saw another Snorg Tees ad today. It just showed a girl with huge boobs wearing a shirt that said "if zombies are coming, I'm tripping you." Really a turn-off, despite the huge boobs.
by plain goldfish January 25, 2011
1.) An avatar in the game called 'Roblox' who was famed for his overuse of the word 'nob' on the site's Forum.

2.) The starting word of many foods that include cooked duck. Some include 'ducksen stuffing,' 'ducksen chicken,' or 'ducksen flan.'
You guys want to have some ducksen stuffing tonight?
by plain goldfish January 26, 2011
The act of gently pushing your way towards sex with a female who is way higher class than you. Typical uses are with both money and lies.
Time to lay down the tactical insertion.
by plain goldfish January 19, 2011
The act of rapidly tapping your fingers against a hard service, such as a school desk or table. Somewhat sounds like a large amount of tiny hooves pelting the ground in, as the name suggests, a stampede.
Watch out; finger stampede at John's desk!
by plain goldfish January 23, 2011
Though intended to mean 'comfortable,' looking deeper into the phrase makes anyone who says it sound like a retard. Bugs (insects) are exoskeleton based; they have rough, spiny, or hard shells, and implying that you are comfortable when being coated in spiny shells just seems straight up stupid.
Thanks, Mom! I'm snug as a bug!
by plain goldfish January 23, 2011

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