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The most beautiful women on earth. They have the fortune of having beautiful white skin; blonde, brown or red hair; blue, hazel, green or brown eyes; slender noses and lips; tall and svelte statures. These features are the most coveted even though no other race naturally have these features without the purchase of artificial, cosmetic products (i.e. hair dye, skin lightener, colored contacts, plastic surgery, etc.).

Men of all races universally consider them to be the most attractive. Hence, their prevalence in beauty pageants, film, magazines, advertising, etc. (even in countries that do not inherently house western people). However, there are some people that wish to be politically correct or are just afraid of being labeled as either racist or "brainwashed-by-the-media", so they would therefore reject this universal fact outright, even though they too accept this fact.

White Women are historically the subject of envy and jealousy from women of non-Caucasian descent, even though they lionize and strive to copy white women by the use of artificial cosmetics. Jealousy also stems from the fact that white women always captivate and divert the non-Caucasian men away from the non-Caucasian women.
Alpha males like successful businessmen, popular artists, or accomplished athletes always opt for white women over non-white women as trophy wives.

At any social gathering or public area, you will notice that white women always get more attention from cooing males than do non-white women.

It is a universal observation that the white males who opt for non-white women are generally not alpha males or are found repulsive by attractive white women.

(You may depress the thumbs down button as many times as you like. But at least one thing is sure: you know deep inside that what I say is indeed TRUE. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, or maybe you're just like the rest of the hypocrites who pretends this isn't true.) Happy thumbs-downing ya hypocrites!
by pl4in&s1mpletruth August 09, 2010

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