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wannabe jailbait. brrrrrrrrrrrrrap.
"that girl is too young to be wearing such a fannypelmet"
"i concur. she's such a hobag in a grobag."
by pixie debauchee April 14, 2007
in reference to pizza gogo, castle street, high wycombe, land of chairs, drugs and terrorism.

possibly the scummiest pizza place in all the universe.
munch city.
"i'm so monged"
"yeah.. you got a quid?"
"let's gogo!"
by pixie debauchee April 14, 2007
more sloshed. simply. drunker.
it's just a lot more fun to say than 'more sloshed'
"i got sloshder and sloshder through the night"

"i got sloshder than i ever thought possible"

"you were sloshder than i was!"
by pixie debauchee October 26, 2007
the state of being dressed in only black and white, can be applied when grey is thrown into the mix.
takes the same form within language as 'monogamous', e.g monochromously, monochromase.
"looking pretty monochromous today, edwina."
"yeah, just picked up this white jumper and thought hey, why not team it with black and have a monochromous day?"
"it works."
by pixie debauchee October 26, 2007
*odd robotic movements*
"yo dude i is after, like, a super mega blunt like."
*pixie and helen display wall of tobacco*
"what is, like, that bluntzilla flavour one innit?"
*pixie and helen commence robotic godzilla dance,grabbing a godzilla flavour blunt, putting inbetween teeth and hitting chav in face with it*
by pixie debauchee April 14, 2007
the action used by zombies in an attack; a combination of gobble and scramble

adopted as a common practice amongst youngsters nowadays, especially on strangers when staggering drunkenly home in undead attire
"that undead bitch scrobbled me all over, but i got away"

"you try to scrobble me, foo'??"
by pixie debauchee October 30, 2007

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