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An overall awesome place. Home to the Pittsburgh Steelers (6 Superbowls and counting) Pittsburgh Pirates ( I don't care if they suck, they are from Pittsburgh) and Pittsburgh Penguins (We love our hockey!). Pitt and Penn State are popular college teams. Takes 30 minutes or less (usually) to get to the city from any of the suburbs. We have Pittsburgese and apparently don't even notice it. Some places to visit are the Golden Triangle, either of the inclines (really Mt. Washington in general), Shadyside, Strip District, and the suburbs. Most of them are really great and have some great stuff to do.
Pittsburgh is a great place to live. Schools for the most part are great, culture is rich, food is great, people are friendly. Sports are a favorite. Little league baseball is becoming increasingly popular along with soccer and basketball.
#pittsburghese #little league baseball #culture #sports #steelers #pirates #penguins #mt. washington #incline #suburbs #golden triangle soccer #basketball #pitt #penn state
by pittgirl June 13, 2011
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