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This guy has been so busy brown noseing George Bush with the wars in Afganistan and Iraq that he has failed to do the job he is paid to do, run OUR COUNTRY, under Blair, crime rates have rocketed, teenage pregnancy rates in our country are the highest in western europe and everything else has gone to shit. sort it out Tony
sort it out Tony, grow some balls and tell Gerorge Bush to piss off, if you did that the country would be behined you 100%
by pimp master c April 26, 2005
A thugs game played by gentlemen. The worlds greatest game, not like the pussyish 'sports' of football(socccer) and american football. In rugby you don't wear girly padding and you definatly don't go down if someone breathes on you (soccer). There is no stabbing in the back, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. Basically, in rugby the two teams kick the shit out of each other for 80 minutes and then they go and talk about what a great time it was in the clubhouse over copious amounts of beer. Also if there is a fight, no-one stands around watching, no no no, they all pile in for a good old scrap.
As a sport, rugby shits all over all other 'sports'.
by pimp master c April 29, 2005
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