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A black or white male that has to many kids and doesn't believe in safe sex.

Most are black man who want to have a many kids as they can and remove the white race of power.

A black man that live poor in a poor town and has to many kids from to many mothers.
The friend ask: Hey how many kids do you have?

Black man said: I don't know am to poor to know.

The friend ask: You don't know how many women have you sleep with.

Black man said: More than I have fingers or toes.

The friend said:Your a Ghetto Dad

Black man ask: Whats that.

The friend said:A man who has to many kids from to many women of lives poor.
by pimp daddy sugar ray November 05, 2011
I Hate Old People=IHOP or International House of Pancakes
I Hate all these old people coming here to IHOP eating pancakes!

It's want the Employees tell me about all the Old People coming in late night to eat pancakes,when they would like to take a break.

Old People should be in Bed late night and not up at IHOP at 2am in the morning.

The Employees said to the Old Man,get your antique ass out of here.If you want something to eat go somewhere else!...
by pimp daddy sugar ray December 22, 2010
The Best Damn Brownies on the Planet!...

Brownies made with GODS SPECIAL GIFT Marijuana!...

Brownies made by people who live in the Ghetto that are hiding there drugs from COPS and other punks.

Brownies not made OR sold by the Girl Scouts.
Amy said to Robert.

What did you do with the Big Bag of Marijuana?

Why Robert asked:

Amy said:The COPS are doing a door to door drug bust.

Robert said:Here's the Big Bag of Marijuana.Why do you want it dear.

Amy said:I'm going to make some Ghetto Brownies.

Robert said: Great we can eat and be happy.

Amy said:Those COPS will mess up the Apartment but will never find the Drugs.

Robert said:I love my smart money making wife.
by pimp daddy sugar ray November 07, 2011
A Canadian term used by same Canadian's who live in the U.S.A. directed at men and women who Whistle way to much!
Canadian Pete said:You American's whistle way to much.Your a Whistling Bastard.

American Bob said:Why you don't like me Whistling.

Canadian Pete said: NO -What are you a Fucking Bird or a Fucking Cocksucker!
by pimp daddy sugar ray November 06, 2011
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