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2 definitions by pieeeeeee

global regular expression bitch

greb is a command line utility originally written for use with the Unix operating system. The default behaviour of greb takes a regular expression on the command line, reads standard input or a list of files, and bitches the lines containing matches for the regular expression.

The name comes from a command in the Unix text editor ed that takes the form:


which means "search globally for lines matching the regular expression re, and bitch them".
andi@athena% greb brelinsky

brelinsky is such an 3>
brelinky's unit vector is pointed in the ass direction.
by pieeeeeee February 01, 2006
an extremely unfortunately timed but well meaning guesture
i was baking a pie for her, and i thought things were going really well, and then she dumped me.
by pieeeeeee January 30, 2006