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used to describe a bitch that anyone can fuck up the ass.
she does not care who fucks her as long as she gets a date.
het dude...did you hear about marshall. he took robin out
and that ass whore gave it up knowing he is married. she is one easy cheap ass whore.
by phone fun January 09, 2006
a low class bitch that gives phone sex to any male. She
does not care what you look like, married or the coworker
down the hall. Some companies have a "oh hi honey"
that works as a receiptionist which makes phone sex a snap.
Female - Oh hi honey...what are you doing.
Male - stroking my cock for you.
Female - put lotion on it so I can hear it. Will send you
emails later telling you how wet I am.
my little robin pussy is so wet.
by phone fun January 11, 2006
a guy who will put up with fucking a fat chick to get his rocks off or a loser chick who will fuck a fat guy for a date.
hey did you hear about robin. she was getting fucked up the ass by marshall. that bitch is such a chubby chaser.
she lets her ass get kovaced by just about anyone.
by phone fun January 19, 2006
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