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8 definitions by peter phil mccracken

When people excercise freedom in a stupid manner, causing negative results.
Now that Rhonda is 18, she is excercising her sexual freedumb. She's had unprotected sex with 25 guys this year and now she has AIDS.
by Peter Phil McCracken March 10, 2009
57 8
A female catholic clergy, named after her form of sex life.
When the priest was ordained, he asked the bishop, "What kind of woman can I have sex with?"

The Bishop said, "None".

But, when the priest actually had sex with a nun, the bishop excommunicated him!
by Peter Phil McCracken March 05, 2009
92 44
Someone who jerks off in the bathroom and gets cum on the toilet seat.
BOB: I never invite Frank over to my house any more.

JOHN: Why?

BOB: Cuz he's a donut froster.
by Peter Phil McCracken March 02, 2009
11 1
A dude who walks around in public with a visibly erect penis.
Oh my God! It looks like Mike is wearing sweatpants without underwear again, and he's turned on. What a unikorn!
by Peter Phil McCracken March 10, 2009
7 2
Something totally useless, like a STRIP JOINT ERECTION that isn't allowed to shoot it's load.
BOB: That Ferrari is so cool.

JOHN: It's $350,000. Strip Joint Erection. I'm going to buy an STi, I can actually afford that!
by Peter Phil McCracken March 02, 2009
6 1
A NIGHT that makes a gay man GLAD for getting his ASS reamed.
KELLY: Sorry you're so bummed out PAT.

PAT: That's okay, I'm gonna have a GLAD ASS NIGHT with Big Bob tonight!
by Peter Phil McCracken March 12, 2009
7 5
BIRTHDAY SUITIN' derives from BIRTHDAY SUIT (naked body) and means FUCKIN'.
MIKE: What are you and Megan gonna do tonight?

JEFF: We're gonna be birthday suitin'!
by Peter Phil McCracken March 10, 2009
7 7