21 definitions by peter crammer

When you're eating your maid's pussy, and some other guys cum oozes out ...
... you just might say, "Tastes like ho maid!"
by Peter Crammer November 28, 2006
A fun way to say and spell "original".
"Hmmm, Jerkin's Lotion, orgyanal scent. Sounds great!"
by Peter Crammer August 02, 2006
When a woman gives it to 3 guys at the same time.
Sally left the bar with the Cummings triplets, and Bob C' said they gave her a Cockatrice!
by Peter Crammer May 02, 2006
({: )=8 means, "Suck it Baby!"
Honey, I just can't wait until you come over and ({: )=8
by Peter Crammer December 27, 2006
"eye-nuss". On a man, this is the area between the anus and the penis.
She sucked my penis, and ticklicked my balls and my inos. Thankfully, she stayed away from my anus.
by Peter Crammer May 28, 2006
When a man squirts a quart of cum!
I gave that cumpire a squart an' she swallowed every drop!
by Peter Crammer August 07, 2006
When you work at a fast food restaurant, if a foxy chick orders a milkshake, you are supposed to ask, "Would you like a large fry to go with that shake?"
"Would you like a large fry to go with that shake?" means "Would you like me to cram my peter into that sexy little body of yours?"
by Peter Crammer August 01, 2006

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