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1. To climax extremely fast. To come in a short period of time.
2. A nickname for someone who the above regularly happens to.
1. It only took 30 seconds! He's so <i>quick</i>!
2. <i>Quick</i> Nick's done it again!
by personal experience March 30, 2005
An Irish Farmer that is kind of backwards
Oi, these buffs laughed at me on the street
by personal experience March 30, 2005
Another way of saying "let's go."

It originated late one night when a teenager was having trouble speaking but wanted her friend to follow her.

Relates directly to a traffic light giving you the right of way, but can be used in any context.

Usually said on its own and not in conjunction with other words or sayings.
Carly: "It is for crossing."
Casey: "Oh, ok." <they both walk across the street>
by personal experience March 30, 2005
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