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A Facebook Friend who constantly posts or re-posts religious or political slams...or other "In-Your-Face" type content.
Jane: Did you see what your cousin posted on Facebook? I don't know why we're Friends...he's always posting stuff that pisses me off.

Joe: Yeah...he's my In-Your-Face-book Friend. If he's posted that Chick-fil-A crap once, he's posted it a thousand times! Enough already...get that shit outta-my-face, man!
by Pennaynay August 02, 2012
The feeling of envy that washes over you when your co-worker shows up at a meeting with a sweeter array of pens that you.
When Cindy showed up to the meeting and started arranging her usual array of assorted-colored pens (selected specifically to match her outfit), I was overcome with penvy...and had to run back to my desk to get more pens.
by pennaynay June 24, 2009

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