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1 definition by penn con

RAP - The reason our culture of today is going down the tubes; by its inflamatory lyrics Rap encourages todays youth to enbrace a culture of gang related violence, drug and acohol abuse, lack of respect for women and law enforcement. Rappers claim that all rockers do is scream and moan about their problems which rock does not do but more likely modern punk and emo music. They also say that we need a whole group of musicians to make music while they only need one, which might be another reason that their music is so alienating. One of the finer points of music is a group comming together in all its parts to make a song, while rap is mostly words talked out to a beat. Another thing is that rappers say the distorted guitar sounds like a fart ( a distorted guitar is one of the best type of guitars) well if you think that chances are your listining to a bad guitarist, listen to some good guitarist like for example....... jimi hendrix, jeff beck, duane allman, jimmy page, eric clapton, kirk hammit, jerry cantrell, kenny wayne shepherd, and the list just keeps going on. and also thay say that the drums are just hitting things with sticks, let me say its actualy work to play drums...and again thay might be listening to a bad drummer. it takes talent to play rock. so rap take some singing lessons, and pick up and instrument.........a guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, even a harmanica anything ( there is nothing wrong with harmonica by the way). and write about real stuff well your at it too.
rap sucks cock. rock rules. rap die out sooner rather then later.
by penn con January 28, 2007