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to make a threat of having sex, or much more frighteningly, of not.
can be used to create arousal or a joke
but also in times of anger and for punishment.
guy- if you don't stop being such a naughty girl i'm gonna have to fuck you.
girl- ooh is that a sex threat?
guy- do you want it to be?

funny guy- jenny if you don't stop talking to me i may have to take you right here!
jenny- what, in the middle of a library?
funny guy- we could build a fort out of self-help books for privacy.
jenny- alright alright! stop with the sex threats, please! read your stupid book.

jim- i'm sick of you always being out late karen! no more sex for a month!
karen- you're sex threatening me?! that is ridiculous!
jim- deal with it baby!
by pen15clubber October 07, 2007

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