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The peg 5 system is a farting system where you start with the level of sound from 5-10

A 5 is a standard fart
A 6 is a louder slightly elongated fart
A 7 is very impressive fart that may have two sections
A peg 8 in equally as impressive as a peg 7 but it has two equally long sections
A peg 9 does not happen alot. It has to be 5 of more farts in a row
A peg 10 has never been done.

After the number there then goe sa letter.

A is an aceptable smell that doesnt bother anyone
B is not pleasent
C is moan worthy
D is holding of the nose or haveing to breath heavily to avoid vomit
E means someone leaves the room.
'dude i totally just 6c'd!..it was awesome!what a peg 5'
by peg 5 boys November 15, 2009

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