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plainedge or p-town is a happy no violance place were every one gets along... nott. thier a 4 main groups in plainedge stoners, jocks, goonsquad and slags other then that we dont care who u are. harmans is blown up and only little kids who try and act cool go thier. its true every one smokes and drinks but thats because its plainedge and thiers never anything to do. now every one wants to find A house to stay in to party but they end up going up to united skates were the little freshman cant find you. the cops dont give a shit about the older kids they only follow the lil ones and every time thiers a fight thier all thier making us look bad cause every one knows if the fight acually goes dowm thier all just gunna run anyway. so if u wanna fight come on down to united skates were the lil kids wont be nd youll see ppl.

p.s smoke all day drink all night
yo the po9 are hea they never get old with plainedge lets bounce alright lets go to dunkin donuts. oh man thier following us tonight now where back to harmons they wont come back thier.
by pee in a tree November 12, 2007

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