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A ZEP (or Z.E.P.) is an abbreviation for a Zombie Escape Plan. A ZEP is made in the event of a zombie apocalypse, in order to prolong chances of survival, and are definitely crucial. If you haven't made a good ZEP yet, hurry up.
Survivor: "I'm so glad I thought to make a ZEP, if I hadn't I might've end up like Brad..."

by pedantic bakery August 17, 2010
This is the written form of a snort of laughter. It has also been known to mean nasally laughter (such as if one has a cold), but this is a less common use.
Person 1: (genuinely funny joke)
Person 2: hahaha ghagha
Person 1: What the.. Are you alright?
Person 2: Sorry, I snorted with laughter...
by Pedantic bakery April 11, 2010

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