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19 definitions by pbaddy

menstrual calendar.
She had her periodic table commited to memory and the elements, this night, were perfectly aligned. Nestor was gonna be a Daddy, whether he liked it or not.
by pbaddy August 18, 2009
sexual encounter resulting in pregnancy.
Casual sex becomes causal sex when when you reverse the s and u, or omit the c-o-n-d-o-m.
by pbaddy August 18, 2009
Those learned behaviors which prejudice against re-marriage.
If experience leads to wisdom, then ex-perience should never lead to wife-dom.
Ahem, UD, ex-perience.
by pbaddy August 19, 2009
That rare mix of confidence and razor skills that makes bald with beard come off as a style choice rather than a personal calamity.
Bald is beautiful. Or not. All depends on whether one's got shavoir faire.
by pbaddy August 28, 2009
1.All purpose sin remover

The evangelical preacher was an inveterate thief and a serial child molester. Still. the application of a little moral turpentine assured his place in Heaven. He was always careful to pray extra hard after what he'd call an incident.
by pbaddy August 22, 2009
A group or assemblage ostensibly cooperating for a common purpose in which each individual is primarily self-interested.
If human nature dictated spelling, there certainly WOULD be an "i" in team. The only question is whether it'd be tiem or teim.
by pbaddy September 10, 2010
1.Over-application of the retro look so as to appear to be wearing one's grandparent's actual clothes.
2.One who is hopelessly out of style.
"I had an online date with this girl who looked like she shopped in her grandma's closet."

"' Her Grandma's Closet', is that one of those kitschy second hand stores?" I hate that shit.

" We all do, except that would have been a major step up. I'm talking literally, here. Girl was a total grandvestite. I can still smell the mothballs."
by pbaddy August 22, 2009