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(adj/adv) To have run out of crackers.
"Honey, give me some crackers from the fridge"
"I can't, dear, we crackalackin"
#crackalackin #cracker #crack-a-lackin #hungry #pornhub
by pax967 May 07, 2012
(n.) The process through which the Internet has evolved from smart people in front of dumb terminals to dumb people in front of smart terminals.
"I CAN'T FIND THE 'ANY' KEY ON MY F@$#ING KEYBOARD! FIX IT!!" (Screaming cowboy)
"Honey, I found that diskette with important contracts on it. Left it on the fridge's door with a magnet on it."
"J00 1Z G01N D0WN N00B!!!!!11"

All the above were examples of this kind of progress.
#progress #computers #smart #dumb #internet #terminal
by Pax967 February 09, 2008
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