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The most gorgeous piece of meat seen in todays world. this is located between the torso and the ankleless tree trunks of a paticularly fluffy woman. this gorgeous load will cover and shield the vagina from any and all foreign objects. A 12 story complex resides inside for newcommers to tear up. on the 4th floor you will find the juice section.(a new flavor every week!!) This is by far the best known part of the load and has been known to cure many illnesses except for sickle cell or any nigger diseases. if you are planning to make a trip to the load, consult an experienced load-climber. there is no need for clothes. beware, every weekend there is a campfire of queers that lasts for hours and attracts a variety of strange creatures. a man called 'the spooner' has a strip club set up on tuesdays and fridays and if you're lucky he will burst from behind the curtain wearing only his tiger shirt. !!be careful!! you can easily get lost in the load . this will require a team of experienced load-climbers to come get you. Newcommers will always need a load guide and that's just for safety purposes. until recently we have only seen a small portion of the load and science is doing its best to inquire knowledge about this amazing piece of heaven.
Dude! have you been to The Load lately?

Ya man! Once i went in there for 3 years! it was amazing..
by paulette's load July 05, 2009
One experienced in helping people that are lost in the load get out to civilization again (not that anyone would want to leave the load... but some people have other lives to get back to)
it takes 3 years of schooling to become a load-climber
by paulette's load July 05, 2009

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