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erm,kind of difficult to explain.as trendie'ness' is found in all or most of us.I dont think that it is really very fair saying,a person wearing all of the latest 'paul and shark' gear is trendy,yes,they are,but a rocker has also followed a trend thru what they are wearing/listening to,unless they are able to make there own true original style,which,is a bit challenging in this day and age without looking/feeling completely silly.i use the word to describe people who'm wear and listen to,all of the latest,fashionable things.but this isnt really politically correct.most nu-metal fans or,people whom have recently jumped into the rock/alternative scene are,in my eyes,waywaywayway more trendie than somebody whom has always wore the latest fashions,this shows that they are easily influenced by what everyone else is doing,but,i rocker would never admit to being trendy,because it gos against what they believe in (or have been believing in,since they first heard the off-spring in 2003),and therefore,trendy.the person at the bottom of this page,or just above this post has the right idea................i think
easily influenced by your peers.
want to blend in with the masses/or your group of friends.
ooh,i like that trendy t-shirt/hair cut,ill get it my self.
by paul sproey May 15, 2004

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