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An unattractive blonde woman... Possibly with mental retardation.
Dude #1: I slept with Paris Hilton last night!
Dude #2: No way! So did I!
by Paul McCabe August 14, 2005
A way to test your athletic ability against others. They're also fun to watch.
Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.
by paul mccabe May 25, 2005
A site that gets boring after you've looked up every dirty word you can think of, your home town, or a friend's name.
after that chances are you looked up the word urban dictionary
by paul mccabe May 25, 2005
An appliance that stores food and keeps them cool. When you open it, the light comes on, and goes off when you close it.
I tried 37 times to catch it when the light was off, but failed.
by Paul McCabe August 11, 2005

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