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10 definitions by pattycake

A combination of the acronym JDM and eBay.

Anything from eBay that's supposed to be "JDM" such as car parts , emblems, decals from "Japan".
Guy 1: Hey man where'd you get your JDM Type R decals?!

Guy 2: eBay d00d!

Guy 3: ....that's ebaydm.
by pattycake December 22, 2009
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a person who has been given herpes by a back-woods simpleton.
Jerry got Hapiped last month at a Kid Rock show... you can harly recognise him as his mouth is covered in cold sores!
by pattyCake February 27, 2014
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a funny ass word, makes me think of sum1 fat.
hey boy u are lethargic!! only cuz ur fat!
by pattycake January 17, 2006
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