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14 definitions by patrick dobrinen

Someone that is hooked on drugs.
I saw Ray-Ray the other day and he was lookin' like he was all messed up. I think he's riding the pig again.
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
7 2
Euphemism for ejaculation.
I came so many times last night my dick felt like a spent fuel rod.
by Patrick Dobrinen March 16, 2011
2 0
A derogatory phrase expressing incredulity at the lack of understanding on the part of someone else, as in “Was I not speaking clearly enough for you?” “Did you not understand what I just said?” "What is wrong with you?"
I'm the baddest muthafucka up in this bitch! Can't you know?
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
3 1
The ranking of different groups of hair on your body.
According to hairarchy, head hair is the best, ass hair is the grossest, pubic hair is somewhere in-between.
by Patrick Dobrinen January 13, 2013
1 0
A person addicted to giving blowjobs.
That's the twelfth guy that Steve has sucked off this week. I think he's turning into a real suckaholic.
by Patrick Dobrinen November 27, 2012
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A gathering of white-supremacist chicks.
Let's go down to the Clam Rally and see if we can pick up some chicks.
by Patrick Dobrinen January 13, 2011
2 1
The indefinite amount of time someone experiences during a transfer in a Star Trek transporter. For some, it's a moment, for others, an eternity.
I hate going to the DMV. I feel like I'm stuck in digital purgatory.
by Patrick Dobrinen May 04, 2011
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