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2 definitions by patchero

A philosophical being known to have strong will power. A very powerful mind allows this animal to adapt to any situation they are put in. This mystical creature also has the ability to NOT give a shit about anything. This feature, of being dismissive, seems like it would dramatically change the love life of the Onyew; yet at the same time exclusive characters such as Scorpios and Neil Young seem to be attracted to this beast.

Recent studies have shown that Onyew does very poorly in captivity and must be left in the wild in order to be in its happiest state. The mental prowess of the Onyew cannot be tampered with or the specimen will feel threatened and seclude itself from the outside world. No one can really understand Onyew, because they are very exclusive and only a lucky few are exposed to their wonderful assets. Few witnesses have come forth relaying the fact that they have interacted with Onyew, but the few that have told us the amazing things about this God-like spirit have said it is often reserved and shy; can be sweet and caring.

Personally I am very fond of this Onyew, and through my own experiences i can say this. They are an incredible friend who likes to quarrel about the silliest things. Documentaries will soon be filled with rare images of the Onyew and wild life experts will soon unleash the wrath of Onyew.
by patchero February 24, 2010
A free spirit, with unexplainable talent. Originating from the same habitat as the Onyew, Wihro shares many of the same characteristics as the Onyew. Other names for this newly discovered species is Wero or Diamond Dog. The origin of Wihro is currently unknown due to the fact that the first one ever spotted was a fully grown adult painting on a sheet of canvas, naked.

This peaceful being could be explained as being one of the most chill mother fuckers ever. The first words of the Wihro were, "Ass-mole and Cheek-mole." which still confuses scientists to this day. Aggressive studies must be put in place to find out how this animal can be so cool and paint at the same time.
Onyew Wihro

Wero: Hey man check out my crispy $1's

Newb: OH SHIT, thats sexyy. i'll give you 5 bucks for all 3

Wero: Ok.

Pro: that tricky bastard.......
by patchero February 25, 2010