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When spooning, the buttocks crack in which the penis is nestled comfortable(enjoyable for both the spoon and the filling).
Bridget: Pat, want to spoon?
Pat: Sure I want to be the filling.
Bridget: NO! I'm the filling you're the spoon.
*begin to spoon*
Bridget: What are you doing?
Pat: I'm putting me weiner in the Weiner Crevice.
Bridget: Okay!
by pat and bridget November 28, 2006
When one is not able to defecate for a set period of time thus resulting in strong urges to masturbate which, in turn, causes a euphoric sensation and an explosion of the bowels (anal leakage is also common during the process of constabation).
4 people in a hot tub:
Judy: Wow this is relaxing.
Patty: Yeah it sure is.
Joe: Mike! What the hell are you doing?
Mike: Oh man sorry guys. I haven't shit in five days so I'm practicing the fine art of constabation. To tell you the truth I am very aroused at the moment to the point where I feel as though I might possibly be able to drop a douce in the near future.
by pat and bridget November 28, 2006

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