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Milwaukee's Best. Beer usually drunken by underage teens who can't afford anything else.
15 yo: Hey lets get some Milwaukee's Best for tonight.

Other 15 yo: Nah. It might be Milwaukee's Best, but it's America's Shittiest. Let's get Natty Lite.
by part irishman September 18, 2009
a.To be so high that you actually believe you cannot move. Can be a good or a bad feeling.

b.To be stoned to your seat. Usually happens when watching TV. In both cases, you have an overwhelming sensation that you feel like a large boulder.
Dude, I have to pay my guy for the weed we just smoked, but I'm so seat stoned right now I can't even think about getting up.

guy 1. Hey, what happened after I left last night?
guy 2. Not much. After we smoked that bud I got seat stoned and passed out.
by part irishman September 16, 2009
The fake ice cream truck that trolls your neighborhood. You can tell its just a van that has spray painted the Good Humor logo on it. It looks ghetto as shit. Sometimes you wonder if the guy sells bud too.
guy 1:Hey I just got a chaco taco from the Hood Humor guy and he gave me this free Colombian gum.

guy 2: Yeah, he's probably just being nice so you wont report him to the feds.

guy 1: Huh, my teeth feel funny.
by part irishman September 18, 2009
To take a shower using Irish Spring body wash, replenishing your daily supply of irishness. Even if you're not Irish you can still have the freshness of Ireland.

Also works with the bar soap.
After a hard day of work, I like to irish up, down some shots of jameson and take home two chicks from the bar.
by part irishman September 10, 2009

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